A analysis of churn management in

Customer attrition

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A Analysis of Churn Management in China Telecom Industry

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A Analysis of Churn Management in China Telecom Industry Essay

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Models Used In Churn Management Analysis * Decision Tree * Neural Network Decision Tree The Decision Tree procedure creates a tree-based classification model. It classifies cases into groups or predicts values of a dependent (target) variable based on values of independent (predictor) variables.

The analytical application Churn Management allows you to analyze, understand, predict, and influence the churn behavior of your customers. In doing so, you can reduce customer churn and increase customer retention in the long term. A range of data mining methods (see Data Mining) and additional.

Customer Churn or Customer Attrition analysis is one of important business activities for Banks, Telecom companies, Retails firms, financial services institutions and Insurance companies for single most important reason that cost of acquiring a new customer is far.

Managing Churn to Maximize Profits Abstract Customer defection or churn is a widespread phenomenon that threatens firms across a variety of. Scholars have studied customer attrition at European financial services companies, and investigated the predictors of churn and how the use of customer relationship management (CRM) approaches can impact churn rates.

Several studies combine several different types of predictors to develop a churn model. relationship€ management.€ Although€ the€ continuous€ relationships€ with€ the retaining.€The€churn€analysis€is€highly€dependent€on€the€definition€of€the€customer churn.€ The€ business€sector€and€ customer€ relationship€affects€the€ outcome€ how.

A analysis of churn management in
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