A biography of sinclair lewis an american novelist that won a nobel prize in literature

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Sinclair Lewis

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Sinclair Lewis

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Promoted War II sidetracked those eggs until. Aug 18,  · He wrote about the experience for The New York Times inshortly before the biography, “Sinclair Lewis: An American Life,” was published. "Sinclair Lewis Remembered is a collection of reminiscences and memoirs by contemporaries, friends, and associates of Lewis that offers a revealing and intimate portrait of this complex and significant Nobel Prize–winning American writer.

Sinclair Lewis Biography

On January 10,Sinclair Lewis died in a clinic on the outskirts of Rome, less than a month before his sixty-sixth birthday.

In thirty-seven years, he had written twenty-one novels, many short stories, a few plays, and some poetry on varied themes. InSinclair Lewis became the first American author to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. The award reflected his ground-breaking work in the s.

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Exactly what I needed. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. InLewis was rewarded for his exhaustive study of America by being awarded a literary prize never before given to an American: the Nobel Prize for Literature for the entirety of his work. Ironically, the prize came at the peak of Lewis' career; from on, Lewis never again wrote a novel that had the impact of his early masterpieces.

A biography of sinclair lewis an american novelist that won a nobel prize in literature
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