Castles dont have phones asshole

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Game of Thrones Riverrun castle for sale, if you have royal coin

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You do the math.

5 Reasons I Hate Cell Phones (And You Should Too)

Thoughtful Quote: Castles don't have phones, asshole! This quote was added November 29, Mental Quote: Castles don't have phones, asshole! “Castles Don’t Have Phones, Asshole!” By: Jodi Parker (Final Draft) Please take a minute to compose yourself for what you are about to experience is like no other.

I Hate Android: Why It Sucks

Castles don’t have phones, asshole. Posted on July 27, by Kip. Ah. I’ve been looking for one of these. A must-have for any Rocky Horror Picture Show and something you virgins might want to read up on before going to see it the first time.

It’s the Unofficial Rocky Horror Picture Show Participation Guide.

Castles dont have phones asshole
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