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Ceres Community Project

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Ceres Community Project

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Ceres wind farm: the truth

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The CERES project is currently producing world-class climate data products from measurements taken aboard NASA's Terra and Aqua spacecrafts.

While of exceptional fidelity. We are helping economically disadvantaged youth overcome barriers to achieving academic and personal success, as well as to find employment. Our goal is to help youths succeed and prosper in every aspect of their life.

Mission Events

CERES will involve and closely cooperate with industry and policy stakeholders to define policy, environment, social, technological, law and environmental climate change scenarios to be tested.

This four-year project will: 1. Ceres Barge provides barge freight management, logistic services and consulting to a variety of bulk and project cargo importers and exporters.

Ceres In Touch with Tomorrow Seth Atwood was an important, respected leader in the Rockford business community.

From the Ceres project you can see that he was also creative and willing to explore new ideas. This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon research and innovation programme under grant agreement No (CERES, Climate Change and European Aquatic Resources).

The Ceres Project

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Ceres project
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Ceres wind farm: the truth