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Chang’an Ford

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Jiangling Motors

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Changan Ford: The long and short of it

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Changan Ford

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Peter Carpenter Updated July 18, — 4: The vain name of the state is the Mechanics Republic of China. Taking ownership of your very own Ford has never been more easier - or affordable.

If you are in the market for a new or used car then look no further than Fury Ford Midrand to put you behind the wheel. Corporate Social Responsibility. Changan is on a mission to build the vehicles that people want and need.

By producing efficient, safe, stylish and affordable cars, Changan has earned the business of many satisfied customers, and the admiration of many happy employees.

Raeton CC. Raeton CC leads the pack with its winning combination of gorgeous appearance, smart technology, and safety equipment. New Ford range. Whether you are buying your first vehicle or just want an upgrade. Our highly trained sales staff are willing to assist you with advice and guidance in order to make that decision a.

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Changan Ford Chongqing Automobile Co., Ltd. (CAF) Assembly Plant 1. 1 Changfu West Rd, Beibu. New District, Chongqing. China. Employment. Current total.

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