Congenital brachymetatarsia

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A Review of Brachymetatarsia … Short Toe Disorder

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Brachymetatarsia of the Fourth Metatarsal, Lengthening Scarf Osteotomy with Bone Graft

All patientscomplained of the end:. Brachymetatarsia (a.k.a. congenital short metatarsus) is a rare condition that develops from early closure of the growth plate.


Because brachymetatarsia is usually idiopathic, or congenital in nature, at times it may also be caused by trauma to a metatarsal bone in its early stages of development. This would adversely affect the growth plate of the affected metatarsal, resulting in a shortened bone. Congenital Brachymetatarsia; Turner syndrome; short stature; A prepubertal year-old girl was referred with short stature (height − SDS).

She had been born small for gestation, at term, to healthy unrelated parents. Right hip developmental dysplasia had needed corrective osteotomy. We performed nine metatarsal and three proximal phalangeal lengthenings in five patients with congenital brachymetatarsia of the first and one or two other metatarsal bones, by a one-stage combined shortening and lengthening procedure using intercalcary autogenous bone grafts from adjacent shortened metatarsal bones.

Brachymetatarsia is a congenital deformity of the metatarsus caused by premature closure of the epiphysis. Thus far, brachymetatarsia has been treated with an osteotomy of the shortened metatarsus and iliac bone grafts.

Brachymetatarsia or Short Metatarsal is a hereditary malfunction. It appears because of early closure of the growth center of one or more metatarsals.

It appears because of early closure of the growth center of one or more metatarsals.

Congenital brachymetatarsia
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