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Encyclopædia Britannica Films was an educational film production company in the 20th century owned by Encyclopædia Britannica Inc.

See also Encyclopædia Britannica Films and the animated cartoon television series Britannica's Tales Around the World. Another science fiction writer's bookplate.

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Willy Ley's bookplate was designed by his wife, Olga Ley Find this Pin and more on Bookplates ~ Ex Libris by Cynthia Bogart. Ex libris for A. HUNGARIAN EX LIBRIS EXLIBRIS OWL STORK DOG FOX WOODCUT BOOKPLATE from Pinterest. Jul 09,  · GIANT BLACK UNICORNS, A CHINESE QUASI-RHINO FIGURINE, AND THE ENIGMA OF ELASMOTHERIUM () veteran cryptozoological writer Willy Ley presented a fascinating line of speculation as to the possible origin of the Evenk people's traditional lore concerning giant black unicorns of ferocious demeanour: Author: ShukerNature.

Science writer Willy Ley mentions a different sort of Rat-King: There is a European legend about a "king of the rats" which is old enough to be untraceable because its roots disappear in the time before printing.

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Cynthia fox science writer willy ley
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