Describe a situation where you have

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Top 50 Customer Service Interview Questions – with Answers

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Dec 06,  · You feel like your interview is going well. You’ve made a good first impression- and you’re sure you’ll land the job.

But then the interviewer throws out a question like- ‘Clients can be difficult. Describe a situation when you had to handle someone like this. ‘ This is one example of typical behavioral interview questions- [ ]4/4(4). Dec 06,  · In addition to general questions- you may be asked behavioral interview questions like ‘Describe a situation in which you had to arrive at a compromise or guide others to a compromise.’ While other interview questions will focus on what you have to offer or what kind of background you have- these questions of a behavioral nature 2/5(2).

Describe a situation when you were under pressure. Stress-free working environment slowly ceases to exist. Sad but true. Big corporations set targets for their employers, and these targets are often hard to achieve, what creates a lot of pressure on most people in the office.

One straightforward way to respond to interview questions like “Tell me how you handled a difficult situation at work” is to use the STAR technique. Situation/Task: Describe the challenging situation/task that you needed to deal with.

• Describe a situation in which you found a creative way to overcome an obstacle.

Clients Can Be Difficult. Describe a Situation When You Had to Handle a Difficult Client

• Tell me about a time that you identified a need and went above and beyond the call of duty to get things done. • Tell me about a time when you came up with a new approach to a problem.

Tough Interview Question - Describe a situation in which you were successful. Describe a situation where you have
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Could You Describe a Difficult Problem and How You Dealt With it?