Gettysburg ghosts

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Gettysburg Ghost Tour: Gettysburg Ghosts and Stories

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Ghosts of the American Civil War

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Gettysburg and many of our historic homes and inns around the county have been featured on popular paranormal television series. Dozens of teams have conducted investigations on fields, homes, and taverns; discovering spirits left behind from the Civil War and other periods.

You are invited. THE GUNS OF GETTYSBURG. By early summer ofthe war in the east was going well for the Confederacy. Lee, confident after his victories at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, urged President Davis to once again take the war to the north. Gettysburg is a hotbed of ghostly activity and the spirits are mighty restless!

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We offer a variety of Gettysburg ghost tours - walking, bus, specialty and more. Perform your own paranormal investigations at the same locations famous shows like Ghost Lab, Ghost Adventures and others have done on TV! The Tour that is vastly different from all Gettysburg ghosts others Our tour guides are the finest ever assembled!

They are professional storytellers, full of enthusiasm and masters at their craft. Our tours are family friendly, less walking and more talking along one of the most haunted areas of Gettysburg.

We are endorsed by CBS Radio. Gettysburg Ghost Walk Tours. Nightly walking tours are just the beginning of your Gettysburg ghost tours experience. Gettysburg is a hotbed of ghostly activity and the spirits are mighty restless! The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest battle in North has many ghost stories.

The Soldiers' Orphanage cellar is said to make even psychics too afraid to enter the house, due to its legend. The Herr Tavern was built inbut during the battle it was used as the first Confederate hospital at Gettysburg, where amputations often .

Gettysburg ghosts
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