Government should have right to censor

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Should There Be Limits on Freedom of Speech?

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10 Corporations Receiving Massive Public Subsidies From Taxpayers

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When did our website turn into China?.

the government should have the right to censor the content on the internet

This House would Censor the Internet. The Internet is growing at a fantastic rate and is a huge resource for mass communication and information distribution.

As such, no individual government should have a right to the information on it. Artist, even when in a communist country should have a right to express and share their values in their art. Censorship may be used for programs of the media, of television, newspapers, however, the an exhibition of the artist, whether it's public or private, shouldn't be removed, censor.

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information, on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient" as determined by a government or private institution, for example, corporate censorship.

Governments and private organizations [citation needed] may engage in censorship. [citation needed] Other groups or.

10 Reasons the Government Should Not Regulate the Internet

So chanted mobs of ignorant little girls paid by the Democrat Party to scream this at U.S. senators and others in public at the time of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing.

Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violent or explicit? Did you know country music is the highest rated suicidal music genre due to the divorce, violence, alcohol, poverty, and gun content in there lyrics. Migrant Labour Exodus Shines a Light on the Dark Side of Modi's 'Gujarat Model' - By Rajeev Khanna (Oct 8,The Wire) The much touted 'Gujarat Model' of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party stands stripped bare once again.

Government should have right to censor
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