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Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy?

Beyond interpret size, weight is often a bigger questionnaire. Comparing the pros and cons, costs and features, between Apple's iPad 2 and iPod touch, and Amazon's new Kindle Fire Trying to decide between an Apple iPad 2 or iPod touch and an Amazon Kindle, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else?

There's a lot to consider -- the quality and dimensions of the hardware, the features and flexibility. Sep 28,  · With Amazon unveiling its much-anticipated Kindle Fire tablet computer Wednesday, we may finally have a real tablet war on our hands.

Instead of looking at the Kindle Fire vs the iPad in a direct matchup of features, which would be about like comparing a Ford Escort to a Mercedes, we'll look at what the Kindle Fire does well and what would-be buyers might miss about the iPad.

What the Amazon Kindle Fire Does Well. Nov 01,  · Both the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire HDX comes with what is universally known as 'retina' displays, that is, a display where the pixels are so. The Amazon Kindle Fire has been called a potential iPad-killer by the media, but that might not be fair to the latest in Amazon's line of Kindle product.

While the Kindle Fire adds some tablet features to their line of eReaders, the Kindle Fire only stacks up well against the iPad in one category. Sep 21,  · The iPad and Kindle Fire HD are two different tablets intended for slightly different market segments.

The iPad is a "does everything" tablet, while the.

Apple iPad Air vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 9-inch Ipad vs kindel
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