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Warren, Susan Feldman, and Steve Best. effect {Ger. Wirkung}. An event that is taken to result from or to be produced by another event, with which it stands in a causal relationship.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

efficient cause. The agent or event that produces some change in the accidental features of a thing; one of Aristotle's four causes. Not the least of Jung's services to his time was his demonstration of how the dreaming process in man, far from being archaic and redundant, was more relevant than ever.

The Phenomenon of Existence (part8) In The Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel argues that only by acknowledging the Other is self-consciousness is beyond our experience to imagine a purely Private existence; even the act of birth requires Other.

Personal refers to the stance of the essayist, conversational to the language of the piece, and expository to its content and aim. When the writings of particular essayists are studied carefully, Richman's "distinct modalities" grow increasingly vague.

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