Rin detergent

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Rin Detergent Bar 250 gm

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ยป rin chamkat raha keep shining The Case study titled RIN CHAMKAT RAHA KEEP SHINING was done by Mindshare Mumbai advertising agency for product: RIN DETERGENT (brand: Rin) in India. It was released in Jun Rin Bar now gives clothes the same dazzling brightness while saving half the water.

Rin detergent powder This was the first product extension from the iconic brand that stood for whiteness in laundry. Surf (Drive in Australia and New Zealand; Sunil in the Netherlands) is a brand of laundry detergent made by Unilever.

For the Northern American and Puerto Rico markets, the brand is owned by Sun Products (a subsidiary of Henkel) since Country: United Kingdom.

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Rin detergent
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