Those winter sundays

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Those Winter Sundays

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Robert Hayden: “Those Winter Sundays”

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“Those Winter Sundays” is a short lyric in which the speaker remembers a moment in his childhood and thinks about the sacrifices his father made.

Airport Updates: 9/1/ Soar-the-Shore is coming to Campbell Field Airport on October (Thursday-Sunday). All PPG, PPC, Powered Hang Gliders and Ultralights are welcome. Read carefully the poem “Those Winter Sundays” and complete the accompanying activities.

As you read and complete the activities, keep in mind the speaker’s attitude toward his father. Winter in Alaska isn’t for everyone – but those who set forth with a sense of adventure (and a warm jacket) are rewarded with a true winter wonderland. Cosmic Tubing® is the best party on the mountain!

Friday and Saturday nights from pm to pm and pm to pm on Sundays and during school holiday periods!

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Those winter sundays
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