Tyre industry in india

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Tyre industry in India is hit by fall in NR production, says ATMA

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Indian tyre industry revenues to grow by 4-6% in FY17: Report

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Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.

How Tyre Industry is Evolving and Adjusting to Global Trends?

is planning to spend $ million on expanding the production of Off The Road tyres at its Alliance Tyre Group plant in Dahej, Gujarat.

tyre market in China, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Tyre industry likely to post 8% volume growth in FY18: ICRA

The global automotive tyre market is highly consolidated and consists of passenger car tyres, heavy truck tyres and other segments. Tyres imports under Regional Trade Agreements (Asia Pacific Trade Agreement, Indo-Sri Lanka, SAFTA, India-Singapore, ASEAN, India-Malaysia etc) allowed at preferential rates of import duty.

All tyre industry related raw-materials can be imported freely (under OGL). Tyre Industry delicensed in September, Going forward, however, the domestic tyre industry is likely to do better in the coming three years, when demand would grow in the range of %.

As per a latest report by rating agency ICRA, domestic tyre production was affected by the deluge in tyre imports (up % FY16 expected) and falling exports (down % FY16 expected).

Indian Tyre Industry to Grow at 8% in FY 2018, ICRA

D espite the weak volumes during the rollout of GST in the first quarter and second quarter, the Indian tyre industry has found itself at a sweet spot with the expected growth of % i.e., (1, lakh tyres) during FY Multiple Job Opportunity for Tyre Industry for Sales and Marketing; RANDSTAD INDIA PVT LTD yrs Jaipur, Rajkot, Gandhidham.

Tyre industry in india
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Indian tyre industry revenues to grow by % in FY Report | Business Standard News