What are the root causes that have led to these symptoms

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Root Cause Analysis

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Stop Fixing the Symptoms…Find the Root Cause Instead

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Root Cause Analysis - Treat the problem, not the symptom!

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Leaders Must Distinguish Symptoms vs. the Root Cause

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Top 6 Ways to Heal Thyroid Disease

What are the root causes that have led to these symptoms What are the root causes that have led to these symptoms Assignment Solutions, Case study Answer sheets. Root causes are multiple factors (events, conditions or exceeded barriers) that contributed to or created the proximate causes and subsequent undesired outcome.

Determine the Root Cause: 5 Whys

If eliminated or modified, the undesired outcome would have prevented. The root cause is the problem that ultimately created the undesired outcome, and if eliminated or modified, would have prevented the undesired outcome, thus fixing the problem.

In a nutshell the fundamental principal of root cause analysis is to use symptoms as clues to find the source of a problem. Physical causes – Tangible, material items failed in some way (for example, a car's brakes stopped working).

Human causes – People did something wrong, or did not do something that was needed. Human causes typically lead to physical causes (for example, no one filled the brake fluid, which led to the brakes failing).

What are the root causes that have led to these symptoms
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Stop Fixing the SymptomsFind the Root Cause Instead